Resistance Commemorative Cross 1940-1945


Instituted by Royal Decree no. 104 of April 24th, 1980, on occassion of the 35th anniversary of liberation from Germany, the cross was awarded to members of the Dutch Underground Movement for active resistance to the enemy. Since the cross was only awarded at the recipient's own request, a lot of former members of the Underground Movements did not requested the cross because of the long time they had to wait for the award.

Resistance Commemorative Cross 1940-1945It's a four armed silver cross, 40 mm in width. On the vertical arms of the cross there's a flaming sword surmounted by a crown. At the bottom of the lower arm are the dates 1940 and 1945. On the horizontal arms there are the words "DE TYRANNIE VERDRYVEN" (To get rid of tyranny).
The reverse of the cross has the Dutch Lion in its center. On the upper arm is the date 1980. On the lower arm is a silvermark.

To the ribbon sheets

The ribbon has black side lines with a halve of red-white-blue (National Colours) and a large orange right halve.

The first cross was awarded on May 5th, 1981. About 15.300 crosses have been awarded. A roll of recipients has been published in the book "Gedenkboek Verzetsherdenkingskruis"


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